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Time Is Time – Andy Gibb

Andy Gibb

Time it goes on
Waits for nobody special
In the prime of my years I’ll remember you
Living and breathing and some misbelieving
But I can’t hold you woman
No piece of you

You were the magic
My only believer
My life on the line for you
All that I give to you
Time is time
Don’t give me no time to waste away
Love is love
Keep me alive to my dyin’ day
Now is now
We capture the world
And our love will make it all right, all right

Time it goes on
Waits for nothing or no one
But I still see your sun that you shine on me
Giving and taking and always mistaking
But I’ll follow you woman eternally

Setting my sights in one only direction
Searching for romance and showing affection
I guess I’ve been a no one
Standing in the cold dark waiting for your love

Time is time
Don’t give me no wrong in makin’ love
Love is love
Turn me around till you burn me up
Now is now
We master the world
In time we’ll make it all right, all right

Time is time
Don’t give me no wrong
Don’t give me no wrong

Songwriters: Andy Gibb / Barry Gibb / Barry Alan Gibb
Time Is Time lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

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